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6G Is the 6th Generation of WI-FI
Capable of Stunning Speeds over 10+Gbps wireless (802.11AX)

Why we provide 5G and 6G? (802.11AC 802.11AX )

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Vision:Increase the education in America, for the kids who are the next generation who can save humanity and save this planet.

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Education and knowledge is in the Internet,
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We want to provide Free Internet to all America, support the kids with internet, computers, tablets and smart speakers to ask all the doubts and questions they have when are growing up.

How are we going to provide free Internet in america?

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Have you ever felt like your internet is slow and don’t know why?

The 11 most probable reasons to have slow Internet.

  1. The Software In your Router may be old
  2. Cheap Router
  3. Bad Configuration
  4. Broken antenna
  5. Interference
  6. Access points nearby
  7. Noise in the reconfigured channel
  8. too many devices connected to the router
  9. high traffic
  10. IP conflicts
  11. Traffic Collision

When was the last Time you upgraded the software on your Router?

The routers as all computers and electronics have small software that allows them to turn on and load a software called firmware, flash, or bios mostly, like in your computer, phone, TV, etc.
Usually there is a new version of the firmware for your router, switch, access point that provide updates and upgrades, but who is really going to care about that, right? This could be one of the reasons why your internet is slow or kind of breaks up sometimes.

We solve it upgrading it to the newest proven Firmware remotely to keep you out of this hassle

How does old Firmware affect my security?

Over time there are found vulnerabilities in the firmware of the devices which are later patched down and then the device is safe again, or at least safer, but if as most of the people never upgrade the firmware then the device could be clumpy, slow, at risk, incompatible with newer versions or standards

We First test the new Firmware and then we Install it to the access point, or switch to prevent Intruders or Agencies from getting into your WI-FI Network.

Do you know Routers, Switches, Access Points have a limit of capacity?

Most of the people guess that they can have unlimited devices connected wireless because there is not physical limitations as used to be with cables. But there is a limited capability of memory and CPU. Basic routers only allow you up to 8 devices, and if you have a smart house the devices are much more, not just for the smart watch, tablets, laptops, phones. That is what we visualize as devices but now the light bulbs work with WI-FI, as the thermostat, the security cameras, alarm, sensors, AI assistants, Etc.
Which is what the “Internet of Things” is and can easily overwhelm a cheap Router from your Internet Service Provider.

We offer tailored devices for your needs, from household, small business, governments, fire departments, police, hospital, smart cities, stadiums, ferries, shopping malls.

What is the percentage of capacity used by your router, switch or access point?

How could I know, if I don’t even know the brand of the internet devices.


We supervise the capacity used of your Network Devices and let you know if it is crowded and suggest options to upgrade it to keep your WI-FI Running Smooth .

Internet Liability

Do you know you are liable for Internet uses?

That’s right if you have Internet in your house and one of your guest do anything illegal in your network then you are legally liable and responsible for the use of your Network

Your business is liable for the use of your Internet.

What to do if someone is using your internet from outside, loitering?

What if someone is using your Internet at night or when your business is closed?

  1. We can schedule your WiFi to run from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM or any time that works best for you. We can even make a different schedule for the weekend.
  2. We can block specific Web Sites to improve performance.
  3. We can block Network abusers. If someone is using too much Internet we can block the device for Network Abuse
  4. We can Limit speed of guest
  5. We can Isolate Guest users so they can’t be spoofing your network, files, printers, other users, your personal information, passwords, credit cards. Then your Network will be safe from guests.

We Have more solutions to your WI-FI problems, managed network solutions, so you can be hassle free.

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